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British Distributor Vacuum Units and Lines
Offering high quality Vacuum Units and Lines from "British Vacuum Unit" in Canterbury, N.H> All shipping listed is for within the contiguous US. All other locations may incur additional shipping fees.
HealeyManifoldTubes Austin Healey Manifold Drain Tubes
Austin Healey Manifold Drain Tube Set. Designed as original to replace worn, broken or missing Manifold drain tubes.

Vacuum Lines
These Vacuum Lines are similar to original. Due to changes that may have been made over the years to carburetors and distributors, state the type of fittings needed when ordering. Lines not listed are available on request. Please order by fitting type and length of copper vacuum lines.
Please choose the part you need from the list below. We ship world wide. The shipping cost shown for US destinations. Please email or call for shipping prices for overseas locations. Thanks

Early Austin Healey #421189 Brass Cap Code Only 5 12 8 Distributor Vacuum Units
British Vacuum Unit manufactures original OE-spec vacuum-advance and retard units for vintage Lucas autos, many of which are no longer available or hard to get. Our listings of the most popular units can be found on our website.

Offering factory original equipment Vacuum Advance Units, Vacuum Lines, Austin Healey Manifold Drain Tubes and Micro-adjuster sets.